Who me? You listenin’ to me?

The Legal Element

Unlike most of the parenting columns that talk about parenting, my perspective grew from many years of legal experience with parents who had not done well raising their kids. In many of my cases, those parents had lost their children to the foster care and juvenile justice systems. My work was to understand what went wrong with the parents in those families, and how those errors and behaviors created threats to their kids.

The Personal Element

But my work hasn’t been my only lab. My own two children are in their twenties now, and both are remarkably successful adults. They both left home at age 18 to establish themselves in the industries of their choosing, and they’ve both found amazing work in the career communities they love. They’ve found friends, jobs, social and professional connections, and stability in their world, all while living healthy, happy, ethical lives. I can’t be more proud of who they are, and I attribute much of their success to their innate personalities and abilities.

The Future Element

So today, I’m looking at my children and their young-adult friends, knowing that their parenting ‘careers’ are about to start. AND I’m reading online a variety of ‘parenting’ blogs and articles, looking for something or someone who I believe can offer them honest, high-quality insights about how to raise a happy adult. So far, I’ve not had much luck in my search.



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